Upbeat improves campus culture.

Sarah O’Connell, Principal

Chicago, IL

Chicago International Charter School – Bucktown

“Upbeat served as a critical element for us to increase teacher retention over the last two years at Bucktown. Upbeat’s unique survey and reporting instrument, which align quite well with the 5 Essentials, has been key in guiding our campus to new heights when it comes to overall staff engagement and retention.”

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Shawn Mangar, Principal

Bronx, NY

Baychester Middle School

“With Upbeat, we were able to retain our top performers. Upbeat’s research-based survey ensured that we focused on critical areas that improved teacher satisfaction and team culture. This has resulted in a happier, more productive, and fun working environment while also improving instructional outcomes for kids.”

Read about staff culture at Shawn’s school.

Administrators value Upbeat.

Scott Frauenheim, President & CEO

Chicago, IL

Distinctive Schools

“Upbeat provides our network of schools with an amazing tool to help us identify staff culture gaps, celebrations, and themes across our schools and network. Our organization was founded with a focus on building the strongest school culture and a positive environment for kids and staff. The Upbeat Survey has given our staff the opportunity to provide us with honest feedback in a very structured way, which in turn provides our leadership team the opportunity to collect, analyze, and reflect on this actionable feedback.”

Dr. Daniel Vera, Human Resources

Manor, TX

Manor Independent School District

“Upbeat has been a key part of our district’s strong improvement in teacher retention. Their data and action planning allowed us to take the necessary steps both at the district and school level to strengthen teacher engagement and retention in our district.”

Jewel Williams, Principal

Orange County, VA

Lightfoot Elementary

“Upbeat’s data is extremely useful due to the many filters that can dig deep to your core values within the school to help build the culture of improved leadership and administrative and teacher efficiency. The value of the data extends itself to the coaching sessions which truly opens doors for growth for the instructional leader to be a coach and advocate for their school’s community. Growth is a mindset that must be nurtured, and UpBeat gives the tools to take you and your faculty there.”

Tawana Purnell, Principal

Washington, D.C.

Archbishop Walker Middle

“Upbeat’s survey is so specific that the teachers’ responses to individual questions led to clear next steps to improve our work environment.”

Joseph Webb, Principal

Washington, D.C.

Washington Leadership Academy

“We’ve worked really hard to try and build a committed and happy team. Using Upbeat has given us nuanced data about our teachers that enable us to codify our team’s strengths and weaknesses. We’re then able to use the data to take action and grow.”


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