1. Partner with families and students to share appreciation.

Families are more appreciative now than ever for what their children’s teachers do. Ask parents/guardians and students to email you notes of gratitude for their teachers and then create PDFs to share with each teacher.

2. Create a thank you video for your teachers and staff.

Ask families to send you a clip or photo of their student sharing gratitude. Add in thank you videos from the principal, district staff and other administrators. Compile them into a gratitude video to share with your full staff or individual teachers.

3. Host a virtual team meal.

Send out gift cards for your teachers to use a takeout service to order a meal and host a virtual team lunch or happy hour.

4. Use snail mail to share notes of gratitude.

Have each coach or supervisor mail their employees handwritten notes of appreciation. 

5. Send your teachers a care package.

This could include school swag, a teacher’s favorite school supplies, snacks or other treats.

6. Gift your teachers a subscription to a mindfulness app.

Teachers are experiencing different types of stress with the transition to remote learning. Sharing a subscription to a meditation or mindfulness app can help them remain centered and cope with these challenging days.

7. Send your teachers a daily message of appreciation.

Send out an email each day of the week and include positive, uplifting quotes or pictures from earlier in the school year to remind your teachers of the school, their coworkers and their students.