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Joseph Webb

Joseph Webb


Washington Leadership Academy
Washington, D.C.

We’ve worked really hard to try and build a committed and happy team. Using Upbeat has given us nuanced data about our teachers that enable us to codify our team’s strengths and weaknesses. We’re then able to use the data to take action and grow.

Willie Watson

Willie Watson

Assistant Superintendent

San Marcos School District
San Marcos, TX

Of all the tools I’ve used, Upbeat provides by far the most clarity around the satisfaction and engagement not just of our teachers but all of our staff. Their team did an excellent job meeting with each department leader and providing toolkits with clear next steps in areas of concern. 

Research to Results

What does it take to improve teacher satisfaction and reduce staff turnover? These downloadable resources can help your school start planning immediately.

Upbeat Research Review

The Upbeat survey is based on these research-backed factors impacting teacher retention and satisfaction.

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Upbeat Case Study

A look at how administrators at one school analyzed staff culture and improved teacher retention by 11%

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Prioritizing Data Security

To strengthen the work environment at schools, Upbeat needs honest and clear feedback from teachers. We are committed to keeping their data and identities completely secure at every stage. Learn More >


Uncover what influences teacher turnover in any school or district, whatever the area.


Benchmark findings with similar schools and districts to identify strengths and challenges.


Evaluate teacher engagement with their work environment and predict likelihood of returning.

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