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Our predictive algorithm and data analysis help educational administrators make decisions that keep teachers engaged and performing their best. How it works >


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Tawana Purnell

Tawana Purnell“Upbeat’s survey is so specific that the teachers’ responses to individual questions led to clear next steps to improve our work environment.”

Zak Haviland

Zak Haviland “Yes, we have a transparent culture but Upbeat raised questions I hadn’t necessarily considered. I was able to use this data to talk to my teachers and find out if certain areas were worth focusing on enough to include in our school development plan.”


Map of locations where Upbeat is being used.

Prioritizing Data Security

To strengthen the work environment at schools, Upbeat needs honest and clear feedback from teachers. We are committed to keeping their data and identities completely secure at every stage. Learn More >


Uncover what influences teacher turnover in any school or district, whatever the area.


Benchmark findings with similar schools and districts to identify strengths and challenges.


Evaluate teacher engagement with their work environment and predict likelihood of returning.

Supporting Schools Nationwide

Upbeat has partnered with some of the country’s most innovative districts and schools to help ensure great teachers keep coming back year after year.

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