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Why Upbeat?

Upbeat is on a mission to help school leaders keep great teachers in the classroom. We want to reduce teacher burnout and improve teacher satisfaction and retention in every school across the country so that students — and teachers — can thrive.

We’re the only K-12 survey company focused on teacher retention.

Upbeat focuses exclusively on improving teacher retention because it is a key measure of successful schools. Our proprietary research has proven that keeping quality teachers in the classroom has a direct — and powerful — influence on student achievement.

“In every instance where principals have paid attention to the data, change has happened.”

According to the Learning Policy Institute, poor teacher retention has been shown to negatively impact students’ educational achievement. A 2020 study published by AERA Open found that high teacher turnover yielded notable drops in the academic performance of middle school students, particularly in reading and math. Future leaders can introduce policies to address these factors impeding teacher retention.

We are a team of former educators who care deeply about seeing teachers and students thrive.

Founded and staffed by former educators and school administrators, the Upbeat team understands firsthand that data alone does not yield positive results — people do. That’s why we seek out the best and most seasoned school administrators, former educators, and leading researchers to join us in our mission to keep great teachers in their classrooms.

“They are just incredibly kind and wickedly smart people. Very thoughtful people... They’re passionate about the work they do and above all they want to help you.”

We work hand-in-hand with each client to tailor our offering to meet their needs

Our survey domains are backed by research and created exclusively for K-12 schools out-of-the-box, but we can also customize questions to fit the needs of a specific district. Our coaching is always tailored to address the specific challenges faced by individual principals and schools.

“I think the model is what makes Upbeat stand out. It’s not just a numbers thing, it's also a supportive service. To have this coaching piece for principals makes it really different from other teacher satisfaction surveys.”
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The questions we hear the most

If you have a question that is not answered below, please reach out!

What is the lift for us to implement the survey?

Our survey is simple to set up and easy to use — plus, it’s anonymous and secure. We’ve also made it easy to understand and share data with important stakeholders so that implementing a survey can enhance your work, not distract from it.

How quickly will we get our data?

Our survey results come back within two weeks, allowing districts to take quick action. We provide access to our data dashboard right away, so administrators can see the data as it comes in. We know the value of acting on data while it’s still fresh — especially if it identifies areas of deeper concern.

What are the tangible, concrete results clients experience when they work with Upbeat?

Good, actionable data is important. But data alone will not bring about positive outcomes. The Upbeat improvement cycle helps schools continually improve and easily measure results against their goals — and our survey plus coaching model helps districts focus on schools that need it most.

How is the Upbeat survey different from other engagement surveys?

Our survey uses cutting-edge research specifically developed to understand how K-12 school climate and culture impact teacher engagement and satisfaction. General-purpose surveys won’t provide the targeted information necessary to make real improvements.

How often is the survey updated?

Upbeat's research team continuously updates its survey platform throughout the year.

Are principals being evaluated as part of the Upbeat survey?

Upbeat is a trusted partner, not an evaluator. Our research-backed survey is specifically designed to provide a complete view of a school's culture, climate, and effectiveness. It is not a tool to evaluate performance.

How big is the global cluster?

Upbeat’s survey tool is currently being used in 25 states and has data from over 33,000 teachers, giving us a bird’s eye view of national trends in K-12 schools and teacher retention.

How will I get my data? Is it secure?

We adhere to the most stringent protocols when it comes to securing and protecting our clients’ data, and all survey responses are completely anonymous.