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Case Study:
Addressing Teacher Turnover in Newton County, Georgia

Date: Winter 2020

Authors: Nicole S. Simon, Harvard University, and Matthew A. Kraft, Brown University

Summary: Georgia’s Newton County — named one of the most economically depressed counties in the country by USA Today — was experiencing an alarming teacher turnover rate of 1 in 5 when the school superintendent turned to Upbeat in 2018.

Four key themes emerged out of this partnership:

  1. Upbeat’s anonymous survey helped build teachers’ confidence that their voices were valued and that their opinions were being heard and acted upon. 
  2. The data brought issues to light for some principals by revealing a holistic view of their teachers’ lived experiences in the school. 
  3. Armed with actual data, principals had the opportunity to actively problem-solve using qualitative evidence. 
  4. Principals' and teachers' capacity and knowledge of data analysis grew as a result of working with Upbeat. 

This case study:

  • walks through the four key outcomes of the district’s partnership with Upbeat, 
  • provides insight and data from two school principals, and
  • explains the district-wide data from four survey categories.