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Upbeat is a K-12 education research and consulting company staffed by former educators, senior school administrators, and leading researchers. We focus exclusively on teacher retention through our research-backed survey tool and personalized leadership coaching service.

How we work with school districts:

Simple survey setup

Surveys are issued twice a year in the fall and spring. Once a district or school signs on with Upbeat, our team works closely with HR directors to collect all the necessary employee data and then enters that into our secure system. Our survey collects clean, secure demographic data — saving HR administrators time and headache.

How we work with school districts:

Seamless survey administration

Upbeat’s survey administration is painless. Our team:

  • monitors survey participation daily, 
  • sends multiple email reminders, 
  • updates the principal with participation rates*, and 
  • alerts the HR director if the response period needs to be extended to encourage participation. 

*We aim for 80% response rate, and average 77%, which is far higher than other surveys.

How we work with school districts:

Lightning-fast survey results

Our survey results come back within two weeks, allowing districts to take quick action. We provide access to our data dashboard right away, so administrators can see the data as it comes in. We know the value of acting on data while it’s still fresh — especially if it identifies areas of deeper concern.

How we work with school districts:

Expert Analysis

Our team helps you understand and interpret your data, and share it with important stakeholders. The Upbeat team reviews the data, identifies key strengths and areas of opportunity for improvement, and then presents this analysis to district and school leadership.

How we work with school districts:

Personalized Coaching

Finally, our expert coaches meet with district leadership and school principals to review the data in full, and identify the top 2-3 action steps they are going to take. Principals meet one-on-one with an Upbeat leadership coach at key points throughout the school year to track progress, troubleshoot any issues, and provide one-on-one leadership support.

Our Data Dashboard

Results from each survey are easy to access, analyze, and filter with our robust data dashboard. Our powerful reporting tool gives school and district administrators the ability to disaggregate the data by school, grade level, and subject area. Schools and districts can compare survey results among schools, view progress over time, and zoom into specific data points of interest.

Get a personal tour of our easy-to-use dashboard >