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Who we work with

Upbeat works closely with a wide range of public, private, and charter schools and school districts around the country — from dense urban school districts to schools in rural and suburban areas.

Across the U.S.



What our clients have to say

  • “I really value my time with my leadership coach. She has been a wonderful resource as I tackle areas of growth - a great sounding board for my ideas and a knowledgeable thought partner in crafting a path forward.”
    Bethel School District
  • “The data that is provided is most helpful! You can drill down to see the responses by content areas, support staff, certificated staff, etc.”
    Clarksville Montgomery 
  • “The data helps me to get a pulse on the building culture and the coaching confirms it with resources offered.”
    Columbus Public Schools
  • “I love working with my leadership coach; I always leave our sessions with new perspective and insights into our staff and my work!”
    Distinctive Schools
  • “I would recommend the Upbeat survey to others. The information/results can be a good place to start dialogue with staff to improve areas of the school community.”
  • “Upbeat provides a pulse of the school's climate. This is a systematic process for determining possible areas of improvement in supporting teacher wellbeing and areas of perceived support.”
  • “This is the 2nd or 3rd year that I have been working with my coach. We have built a rapport and understanding of progress made and areas for continued growth. The conversation and support are genuine, practical, and applicable to my work / role.”
  • “This experience has allowed us to identify changes needed on behalf of adults during challenging times with staffing. My coach has taken a vested interest in our school and is quick to offer quality suggestions and tools to help in our journey.”

Case Studies

Upbeat publishes new case studies on a quarterly basis

The national average for teacher turnover/retention in K-12 schools was 8% in 2021, unchanged since 2012. This data is from the Teacher Follow-Up Survey by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). During 2020-21 and 2021-22, 84% of public school teachers stayed at the same school, 8% moved, and 8% left the profession. For private school teachers, 82% stayed, 6% moved, and 12% left.*

National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). (n.d.). The Condition of Education 2021. U.S. Department of Education. Retrieved from

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100% of principals and district leaders said that Upbeat has been responsive to their questions or concerns

Upbeat Graphs-01-2

99% of principals and district leaders said that meeting with an Upbeat leadership coach helped them accomplish goals as leaders

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93% of principals and district leaders rated Upbeat's reports as high quality or extremely high quality

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92% of principals and districts agree that the Upbeat's survey data gave them insights that will help develop and accomplish their goals as a leader

Our proprietary research 

General-purpose survey companies only provide the technology to collect survey results, and are not designed exclusively for teacher retention. No other survey company in the nation has invested in teacher retention and engagement like Upbeat. We’ve studied years of teacher turnover data and invested in cutting-edge proprietary research to develop and continually improve our survey. Combined with our collaboration with districts around the company, this allows us to provide targeted, up-to-date, actionable data. 


Upbeat is solely focused on teacher retention - we are the experts. 

We developed our survey with cutting-edge K-12 research, and continually refine it based on new learning. General-purpose surveys don’t get at the heart of the matter: how is a school’s climate and culture impacting teacher engagement and satisfaction? These factors directly impact teacher retention, student achievement, and school performance. 

Timely results on an easy-to-use dashboard.

Upbeat returns data within two weeks of survey completion for real-time feedback, quicker decision making, and actionable insights for principals and district leaders. Compare survey results among schools, view progress over time, or zoom into specific data points of interest. Our team helps you understand and interpret your data, and share it with important stakeholders.

Collaborate closely with an industry-leading coach to analyze and interpret data, ensuring informed decision-making.

Upbeat offers you direct access to a team of experts dedicated to addressing your unique goals and challenges head-on. Our coaches, comprising highly seasoned educators and senior school administrators, actively collaborate with principals to tackle problems and set priorities that drive tangible results. They don't just provide support; they take action to make a real difference.