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Coaching & PD

Surveys and data don’t bring about positive change — people do. 

Our seasoned leadership coaches help principals interpret their results and develop concrete action plans to address their schools’ most pressing needs. They become important allies in problem-solving with principals, helping to prioritize actions and move the needle.

“94% of principals and district leaders said that working with an Upbeat leadership coach helped them accomplish their goals”

Our expert coaches:

  • Meet with district leadership and school principals to comprehensively review the data and collaboratively identify the top 2-3 action steps for the district.
  • Provide one-on-one meetings with principals after each survey during the school year to assist in tracking progress, addressing challenges, and offering personalized leadership support.
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“94% of principals and district leaders said that working with an Upbeat leadership coach helped them accomplish their goals”

Additionally, our coaches can provide:

  • Staff Data Review: Analyzing key engagement data with teaching staff to drive actionable discussions for improving teacher retention.
  • Principal Development: Group sessions for building leaders, focusing on critical areas like Trust, Collaboration, Appreciation, and Evaluation.
  • School Turnaround: Assisting schools in turnaround settings by evaluating culture and coaching leaders on stability strategies.
  • Exit Interviews & Focus Groups: Conducting interviews with departing staff to provide trend summaries and next steps.
  • School Board Presentations: Offering crucial data on teacher retention for informed decision-making in board meetings.

Our proprietary research 

General-purpose survey companies only provide the technology to collect survey results, and are not designed exclusively for teacher retention. No other survey company in the nation has invested in teacher retention and engagement like Upbeat. We’ve studied years of teacher turnover data and invested in cutting-edge proprietary research to develop and continually improve our survey. Combined with our collaboration with districts around the company, this allows us to provide targeted, up-to-date, actionable data. 


Upbeat is solely focused on teacher retention - we are the experts. 

We developed our survey with cutting-edge K-12 research, and continually refine it based on new learning. General-purpose surveys don’t get at the heart of the matter: how is a school’s climate and culture impacting teacher engagement and satisfaction? These factors directly impact teacher retention, student achievement, and school performance. 

Timely results on an easy-to-use dashboard.

Upbeat returns data within two weeks of survey completion for real-time feedback, quicker decision making, and actionable insights for principals and district leaders. Compare survey results among schools, view progress over time, or zoom into specific data points of interest. Our team helps you understand and interpret your data, and share it with important stakeholders.

Collaborate closely with an industry-leading coach to analyze and interpret data, ensuring informed decision-making.

Upbeat offers you direct access to a team of experts dedicated to addressing your unique goals and challenges head-on. Our coaches, comprising highly seasoned educators and senior school administrators, actively collaborate with principals to tackle problems and set priorities that drive tangible results. They don't just provide support; they take action to make a real difference.