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Engagement Survey

Teacher Retention Survey

Upbeat is a K-12 education research and consulting company staffed by former educators, senior school administrators, and leading researchers. We focus exclusively on teacher retention through our research-backed survey tool and personalized leadership coaching service. 

Our teacher retention survey is: 

  • Proprietary and backed by best-in-class research
  • Easy to launch and easy to use, with results in less than two weeks
  • Designed by experts to help districts clearly track progress against their goals and national trends
  • Customizable - districts may add or remove categories or questions to suit their needs
  • Developed exclusively for K-12 schools
  • Continuously updated and refined by our researchers 
  • 100% anonymous and secure

Our teacher retention survey has 77 questions in 23 different categories to provide school districts and leaders with a complete view of their schools’ culture, climate, and effectiveness. The Upbeat survey instrument uses a proprietary algorithm to weigh each question based on its degree of influence on teacher satisfaction and retention. 

Upbeat’s survey is organized in these five main categories:

  • School Leadership
  • Teacher Development Practices & Resources
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Cultural Competence
  • Teacher Hiring and Career Development 
  • Personal and Organizational Purpose


“Upbeat is not just a company that provides services for us, but it is a company that develops long lasting relationships within the school district. The bottom line is what is best for kids, and what is best for kids is keeping our teachers in the district.”

Dr. Randy Davis
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD (Texas)

Our proprietary research 

General-purpose survey companies only provide the technology to collect survey results, and are not designed exclusively for teacher retention. No other survey company in the nation has invested in teacher retention and engagement like Upbeat. We’ve studied years of teacher turnover data and invested in cutting-edge proprietary research to develop and continually improve our survey. Combined with our collaboration with districts around the company, this allows us to provide targeted, up-to-date, actionable data. 


Upbeat is solely focused on teacher retention - we are the experts. 

We developed our survey with cutting-edge K-12 research, and continually refine it based on new learning. General-purpose surveys don’t get at the heart of the matter: how is a school’s climate and culture impacting teacher engagement and satisfaction? These factors directly impact teacher retention, student achievement, and school performance. 

Timely results on an easy-to-use dashboard.

Upbeat returns data within two weeks of survey completion for real-time feedback, quicker decision making, and actionable insights for principals and district leaders. Compare survey results among schools, view progress over time, or zoom into specific data points of interest. Our team helps you understand and interpret your data, and share it with important stakeholders.

Collaborate closely with an industry-leading coach to analyze and interpret data, ensuring informed decision-making.

Upbeat offers you direct access to a team of experts dedicated to addressing your unique goals and challenges head-on. Our coaches, comprising highly seasoned educators and senior school administrators, actively collaborate with principals to tackle problems and set priorities that drive tangible results. They don't just provide support; they take action to make a real difference.