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Henry Wellington

Product Development

Henry is the founder and CEO of Upbeat. After teaching middle school Special Education in New York City district and charter schools, Henry supported education technology companies in their sales and marketing strategies at Whiteboard Advisors. He also played a key role in the implementation of blended learning and evaluation of education technology products for Citizen Schools. Henry enjoys both playing and coaching basketball while also biking around NYC (with a helmet) in his spare time.

Chris Spence


Chris has been a web and mobile application engineer with expertise in educational technology, accessibility, and pedagogy. Before pursuing a Master’s degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, he taught high school science and coached athletics for seven years in the Massachusetts public school system. Chris has since held a teaching fellowship in the Technology, Innovation and Education Masters program at Harvard, and has developed teaching and learning technologies for a variety of contexts in the educational space. Now a resident of Cape Cod, Chris enjoys riding his motorcycle, tending to his three beehives, and spending time with his wife and golden retrievers on the beaches of Orleans.

Brenda M. Tanner, Ed.D.


Dr. Brenda Tanner is a retired superintendent who led two school districts in Virginia. During her tenure as an administrator, Dr. Tanner also worked as both a Chief Academic Officer and Chief Personnel Officer in South Carolina and has consulted on principal and superintendent evaluation models. She served on the nonprofit board of the Northwest Evaluation Association. In addition to her K-12 experience, she has worked at the University of Virginia, teaching in the area of leadership and school administration while also directing the Curry School’s school and university professional development consortium.

Marshall Louis Reaves

Data Science

Marshall is a Machine learning engineer at Mixpanel, a leading mobile and web analytics provider. He has a PhD from Princeton in computational and quantitative biology. His research has appeared in journals including Science and Nature.

Constance A. Lindsay


Constance A. Lindsay is a research associate at the Urban Institute, where she studies K-12 education policies. Lindsay earned a doctorate in human development and social policy from Northwestern University, where she was an Institute of Education Sciences’ predoctoral fellow. Since then, Lindsay has worked in education policy in various contexts, applying her research training in traditional studies and in creating and evaluating new systems and policies regarding teachers. Lindsay’s areas of expertise include teacher quality and diversity, analyzing and closing racial achievement gaps, and adolescent development. Her work has been published in such journals as Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis and Social Science Research.

Jamie Lonie


Jamie began his career teaching elementary science in Houston during which he also earned a Master of Education degree from the University of St. Thomas. Since then, he has had several years of experience in traditional and digital communications within the national and global education sector. He currently helps develop and manage the digital content across Upbeat’s online channels.

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