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Upbeat: A National Leader in Teacher Retention and Engagement

How do district leaders and principals rate Upbeat’s reports and coaching?

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100% of principals and district leaders said that Upbeat has been responsive to their questions or concerns

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99% of principals and district leaders said that meeting with an Upbeat leadership coach helped them accomplish goals as leaders

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93% of principals and district leaders rated Upbeat's reports as high quality or extremely high quality

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92% of principals and districts agree that the Upbeat's survey data gave them insights that will help develop and accomplish their goals as a leader

Data analytics to drive teacher retention.

Upbeat is a K-12 education research and consulting company staffed by former educators, senior school administrators, and leading researchers. We focus exclusively on teacher retention through our research-backed survey tool and personalized leadership coaching service.

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Who we work with

Upbeat works closely with a wide range of public, private, and charter schools and school districts around the country — from dense urban school districts to schools in rural and suburban areas.

  • “We've consistently witnessed a rise in teacher retention, with Leadership Coaching proving instrumental in this success. Principals recognize the invaluable experience our coaches bring to the table, having been in their shoes, which enhances credibility. Upbeat’s coaches delve deep into the data alongside principals, fostering a comprehensive understanding of school dynamics and facilitating informed decision-making."

    94.9% teacher retention rate in SY23-24

    Dr. Green-Webb

    Chief of Human Resources, Jefferson County Public Schools (Louisville, KY)

  • "Within the first year of our partnership with Upbeat, teacher retention in our 71 pilot schools increased by over 12%. Principals are harnessing the power of Upbeat's data to gain insights into the most effective ways to support our teachers, and the immediate results are clearly visible."

    Brandi Hosack

    Chief of Talent Strategy, Austin ISD

  • “Upbeat is our district’s competitive advantage; it’s essential to build cultures that attract and retain teachers. By leveraging Upbeat's comprehensive resources and expertise, we are empowered to create environments where teachers thrive, students excel, and our entire educational community flourishes."

    Erick Treuting

    Assistant Director of Human Resources, St. Charles Parish

  • "Upbeat's engagement data is integral across our network. From shaping our professional development and expanding design teams to establishing clear career paths and devising recruitment plans, we utilize this data to empower teacher voice and drive crucial decision-making processes. This data also helps us ensure the strongest organizational culture to ensure our educator voice is driving our strategies and priorities."

    Scott Frauenheim

    Chief Executive Officer, Distinctive Schools

  • “The Upbeat Leadership Coaches have been practitioners, principals, and superintendents; they’ve lived the life on a campus. Our principals and administrators in our district have benefited and built relationships with the coaches and developed action plans from the data, and the success has been evident on our campuses and departments.”

    Willie Watson Jr.

    Chief Human Resource Officer, Pflugerville ISD

  • "Our Upbeat data empowers us to grasp the unique climate and culture of each school and take responsive action. Through collaboration with Upbeat's leadership coaches, our principals gain profound insights into what strategies truly yield results, enabling them to provide optimal support for teacher retention."

    Nyree Sanders

    Director of Human Resources, Newton County Schools

  • "I have principals asking about future survey administrations with Upbeat. Our principals are excited about the survey, and principals and staff are invested in the growth. As a district, we were able to use Upbeat's data to inform our strategic plan, and, on a school-level, we were able to understand what is happening on each campus."

    Lenichtka Reed

    Associate Human Resources Director
    Tigard-Tualatin School District 23j

Upbeat helps districts and schools make data-driven culture decisions

Research-backed teacher engagement and exit surveys

An easy-to-use dashboard for valuable, timely insights

Experienced leadership coaches for personalized guidance

Supporting Schools Nationwide

Upbeat has partnered with some of the country’s most innovative districts and schools to help ensure great teachers keep coming back year after year.


School Districts Around the Country

The impact of teacher retention

Upbeat focuses exclusively on improving teacher retention because it is a key measure of successful schools. Our proprietary research has proven that keeping quality teachers in the classroom has a direct — and powerful — influence on student achievement. 

Creating a school culture that supports and retains teachers leads to:

Better student achievement

Improved school outcomes

Less time and money spent on recruiting

Lower turnover rates

Increased teacher engagement and satisfaction


Our proprietary research 

General-purpose survey companies only provide the technology to collect survey results, and are not designed exclusively for teacher retention. No other survey company in the nation has invested in teacher retention and engagement like Upbeat. We’ve studied years of teacher turnover data and invested in cutting-edge proprietary research to develop and continually improve our survey. Combined with our collaboration with districts around the company, this allows us to provide targeted, up-to-date, actionable data. 


Upbeat is solely focused on teacher retention - we are the experts. 

We developed our survey with cutting-edge K-12 research, and continually refine it based on new learning. General-purpose surveys don’t get at the heart of the matter: how is a school’s climate and culture impacting teacher engagement and satisfaction? These factors directly impact teacher retention, student achievement, and school performance. 

Timely results on an easy-to-use dashboard.

Upbeat returns data within two weeks of survey completion for real-time feedback, quicker decision making, and actionable insights for principals and district leaders. Compare survey results among schools, view progress over time, or zoom into specific data points of interest. Our team helps you understand and interpret your data, and share it with important stakeholders.

Collaborate closely with an industry-leading coach to analyze and interpret data, ensuring informed decision-making.

Upbeat offers you direct access to a team of experts dedicated to addressing your unique goals and challenges head-on. Our coaches, comprising highly seasoned educators and senior school administrators, actively collaborate with principals to tackle problems and set priorities that drive tangible results. They don't just provide support; they take action to make a real difference.

How we work with
school districts

  • Simple survey set-up

  • Seamless survey administration

  • Lightning-fast survey results

  • Expert analysis 

  • Personalized coaching